Our Story

Circular Fashion started its journey on 1st August 2021 as an eco-friendly Sustainable Garments Factory located on an industrial zone in Panchlakki, Bakterpur, Kaliakoyer, Gazipur which is an hour drive from the capital Dhaka.

Our operations span from vertically integrated woven cut to ship focusing on minimum wastage and sustainability. Sustainability is not only environment; it is very much about sustainable factories, labor practice and of course sustaining and subscribing sustainable environment prices.

Our greatest strength is our strong team of 500 members of which 70% are women. Our Woven operations comprised of 10 sewing lines to churn out over 200,000 Pcs units of woven garments every month from our 1 shade 50,000 Square Feet Floor Space.

As, Bangladesh is the second largest apparel exporting country to the world, sustainability is not an option; it’s a must for the apparel and textile industry. Bangladesh is the only country of the world in which export-oriented garment factories are inspected, and safety remediation made by local and international experts.

The apparel industry is tremendously important for the socioeconomic development of Bangladesh. Apparel exports account for more than 84% of the country’s total foreign export. About 4 million people are directly employed in Bangladesh apparel industry, whereas there are about 50 countries in the world in which the total population is less than 4 million.

The land has generously provided us with abundant water, temperate weather and so we see it as our duty and take immense pride in giving planet back as much as we could. From GREEN CONCEPT of sustainability we are committed to ensure safe and healthy workplace for our employees as well Protection of the environment, conservation of energy and natural resources are our top priority.

We are working on material impacts and dependencies on nature by performing materiality assessments across the production and consumption value chain – from extraction of raw materials to post-consumer waste. Our building structure is made by recycled steel which we’ve collected from old ships to reduce carbon footprint, not only that all our workstations and tables are made from recycled raw materials. We have several rain water harvesting pits to collect and store rain water and reuse it.  We are committed to a future environment promoting the health and well-being of the upcoming generations.

Circular Fashion has perfected its Quality Control System. We are working on creating sustainable products using fewer resources. It has acquired the latest Quality-Control equipment and developed quality consciousness among the workforce. Circular Fashion QA team provides no room for error and can readily assure superior product-quality to its clients.

Being “green-minded”, Circular Fashion believes that its success should not come by sacrificing environment. Circular Fashion works arduously to minimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to create sustainability in every aspect we can do for customers who are committed to shopping sustainably. We are here to turn the traditional RMG industry with harmful practices into sophisticated & environmentally compliant industry that speeds up the sustainable development goals.

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